Nice to meet you!

My name is Daiki Masuda, a new staff of Storyshare from last week.
I joined the staff of this school after staying at EOP branch in Cebu for 4 weeks as a student.

I worked for a company which produces a city guide to Tokyo for foreigners before coming to Cebu. I worked with some foreigners there but I couldn’t speak English. It was very deplorable.

After it has been decided that 2020 Olympics will be held in Tokyo, foreign tourists who visited Japan are largely increasing and inbound demand is also increasing. I thought that it would be necessary to study English as soon as possible so I decided to study English in the Philippines.

I studied English at Storyshare EOP branch for 4 weeks and it’s very irreplaceable for me. I hated English before but now I have fun speaking to someone in English and reading English sentences.
However, My English ability is not enough. I’ll support the students as much as I can together with our teachers while I’m continuing my studies here. I thank you in advance.

Anyway, I love food, culture, fashion, music, movies and arts. I want to help the students at Storyshare Cebu and let them enjoy their stay here.